EA Backs Down From Battlefront II Microtransactions … THEN BRINGS EM RIGHT BACK!

  • GiovanniDaG.O.A.T.🐐

    i knew they were not about to keep those out for long. That’s too much money they losing out on

  • Jordan Knapp Landon Bakch nevermind

  • Jordan Knapp Landon Bakch nevermind

  • U can’t buy anything

  • U can’t buy anything

  • ssx3000

    And that’s why I don’t like playing EA games

  • Downtown Funkmeister

    Cant spell shame without EA

  • thaelectricfeel

    Don’t ruin this potentially dope game

  • What the fuck is going on… You can still buy loot boxes. You could always buy the loot boxes. I’ve never played this game and not seen the ability to purchase them. I’ve been playing the game for the past 3 days because I pre-ordered. How is any of this new information…

  • Colin Parson Mark Schomburg John Cowan

  • Colin Parson Mark Schomburg John Cowan

  • Micro transactions are the true power of the dark side.

  • Zac Parker

  • Jaidyn Dean ffs

  • So there was a new hope but now the empire strikes back?
    What a way to honour the original trilogy!

  • Roberto Moreno shits all over the place

  • VilliagersUnite

    They never gave a fuck what are y’all smoking. They never said the microtransactions would be gone for good. That’s on y’all for assuming. Are you shitting me? EA will never give a fuck about gamers. You are a walking wallet to them.

  • When will gamers understand that these companies don’t give a fuck about y’all. It’s all about that money. They never said they were gone for good and if they did honestly why did you believe them? EA does nothing but lie.

  • Liquidnegus

    Yea, I’ll pass.


    Fool me once. You know the rest…