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Published November 17, 2017

I’ll give it to EA; you guys almost got me! You almost managed to pull the wool over my eyes! For one second, one split second I believed they cared what the community had to say in regards to the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco. I was wrong. Microtransactions are back according to reports.

This news is fresh off the heels of the announcement that EA would, in fact, be withdrawing microtransactions thanks to the feedback the community provided. At this point, it’s hard to even keep up with all this drama. Our plug claims they got on the phone with EA. During that call, EA revealed their strategy for Battlefront II’s microtransactions going forward.

“The Star Wars Battlefront 2 team is going “back to the drawing board” and will focus on balance. The team is specifically looking to balance the game regarding those who want an “accelerated experience.””

No specific details were given on how this will work, but it sounds like they want to implement some type of XP boost. Just the whole concept of trying to balance a game for those who want an “accelerated experience” is hilarious to me. That translates to we’re looking for a way to make pay to win more acceptable. This new system hasn’t been implemented yet, but we’ll keep you update on how things turn out.


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