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Published February 9, 2017

This move has been rumored to be in the works for years now & it’s finally come to fruition. E3 is going public. Many claim it’s because the show is failing financially even though it’s the super bowl of gaming. E3 has traditionally been a show for the press, but now they’re trying to bring in some extra income.

According to our snitch, 15,000 tickets will be up for sale to the general public.  Tickets go on sale February 13th for $150 as an early bird special. After that special is gone, the tickets will go for $250. That pass will get you into E3 as well as various other events surrounding the area.

I think this is a good & bad thing. Having the option to buy a ticket provides an opportunity to smaller websites / Youtube channels not influential enough to get a press pass. That pass won’t get you any business meetings, but you’ll be on the show floor where you can make connections. On the flip side, it’s also bad because it’s going to make it harder for press to do their jobs. 15k regular people means longer lines. The lines are already ridiculous. Trust me I know as I’ve attended the last two E3’s.

So it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. Anyone plan on attending?

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