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Published February 7, 2018

A year goes by fast right? Just last year we were able to send all of our GI staff to E3 and provide some amazing coverage for you. Now E3 2018 is almost upon us and the official E3 Expo twitter announced that registration for media/attendees will go up on February 12th (next Monday).

At first, I read this tweet and thought they were doing some sort of special E3 for the general public in February, but no they were just getting everyone hype and on the ball to register/buy tickets. You can go here on the 12th to register.

The same rules will apply as last year. The first 1000 people of the general public to sign up will be able to get a ticket for $150. After that they will be available for $250. I also heard that since there were so many of the general public at last year’s event, there will be a special time that the media will be able to be on the show floor before it opens up to everyone else.

The event will run from June 12-14th in Los Angeles. Hopefully, more gaming companies don’t drop out like they did last year.

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