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Published February 14, 2020

The six gawd continues to diversify his portfolio. This time through battle rap. Drake partnered up with industry veteran Smack and the URL to bring their platform over to the new live streaming platform Caffeine. In the deal, Caffeine will live stream future events, as well as help, produce them. Caffeine has been making some serious moves as of late. They have some serious investors throwing money around. They recently signed Offset and Doja Cat to stream on their platform as well. I’m just not sure if that will grow a community? Organic growth matters.

At a bare minimum, this will bring new eyes to the platform. I personally didn’t want to pay for PPV battles from URL, so this is a nice alternative. You will no longer have to wait months for a battle to drop on Youtube. Instead, you can catch the battle live through the Caffeine app for free. Smack and Beasly did an hour-long interview breaking down some details on this all.

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