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Published July 29, 2015

UPDATE 8:00 Am
Meek did make it to his show, but for some unknown reason didn’t perform when he was supposed to. Needless to say after he insulted the Canadian Nation Hero, Drake, the crowd wasn’t happy to see him

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Last time on Dragon Ball Z Meek Mill and Funk Master Flex failed to drop a diss track at 7pm. Funk Master Flex alluded he was going to drop a diss track 7pm on Hot 97 however he failed to do so. This resulted in Hot 97 looking bad, Flex reputation took a hit, and a petition started for Flex to leave his job. After the backlash of the no show Diss track Hot 97 took so much heat that the Ebro had to clear a few things about the situation and he was pissed the Breakfast club was laughing at their mess up. The beef doesn’t stop there though. It has been reported Meek Mill was denied entry into Canada and was unable to perform his set on the PinkPrint tour.

Now today Drake has dropped a harder verse towards Meek Mill on his song called Back To Back and it is clear Drake is winning back to back. Drake even shouted out radio host of the Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God, on his new song. It has been on record that Charlamagne and Drake aren’t on the best of terms mainly because Charlamagne dislikes Drake and his music. It’s clear that Drake is winning this beef that he didn’t even start all the while Meek Mill can’t even get into Canada nor has he dropped a diss track for this unnecessary beef that he started. Listen to the song below and tell us does Drake go in or nah. Also, thanks to our Drake expert, twitter user @caaammiiee, for help providing the link. If yall call this track soft and don’t give the 6 God the credit he has earned then you tripping!

After analyzing the lyrics bar for bar Drake didn’t waste a word. Every bar either addressed the Meek as a diss, promoted Drake’s self, or addressed someone or something that is public knowledge of the beef. Drake adds insult to injury with the cover art for this song. The picture is off the Tornoto Blue Jays beating the Phillies. The Blue Jays won the 92 and 93 World Series. The picture is of the 93rd Wold Series where the Blue Jays won back to back. As you can see Drake has wasted nothing when throwing shade at Meek.

Please play the video above to enhance your reading experience.

Will Meek Mill ever fucking respond, will Meek Mill get into Canada, will Hot 97 realize that the breakfast club has the juice now, will Bow Wow drop his next hit song soon #BowWowHive, will FunkMaster Flex quit his job, will Birdman ever pay Weezy, will Safaree’s diss track be taken seriously, will I stop with the DBZ references, will Drake destroy Meek Mill’s career like 50 did Jarule? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

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