Dragonball Xenoverse Golden Frieza Preview

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  1.' Sick This Duck #FuckYoFeelings says:

    I’ve been smacking niggas online with Golden Frieza’s techniqes, his ultimate is pretty much broken

  2.' Pkernaruto6 says:

    Regarding Goku and Vegeta, both just seem like lazy reskins of the base characters, but I guess it could be argued all transformations are just lazy reskins. Looks cool tho

    1.' Wrath says:

      Transformations arent as lazy as this though in my opinion espically golden freezia why not just let the character die

      1.' Pkernaruto6 says:

        Idk what I was talking about, all 3 are lazy reskins.

        1.' Wrath says:

          Yeah i agree i dont like god mode just being blue hair and freezia just turning into a PBJ sandwich

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