Dragonball Super Episode 123 Review

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  1.' Mr. Maximum says:

    This episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either imo. Not gonna lie, it was hard coming into this episode when Takahashi animated and corrected the previous episode, but super could’ve made up for it with the direction of said episode. Sadly I don’t think that’s the case.

    17 fussin at gohan was a little weird but i understand since he has never fought besides anyone BUT 18. Frieza is ‘struggling’ with Dyspo. Vegeta’s transformation was just average. Like y’all said in the video, it don’t look much different than his regular blue form aside from the extra sparkles and slightly buffer body. His motivation for the transformation wasn’t the best. This man got a whole family, but decides to think about Cabba instead. I know this is development for his character, but it would’ve been better if he mentioned his family along with Cabba. Oh well.

    My positive tho is the fact that there was actual strategy with goku in the episode instead of throwing punches and kicks like in a usual dragon ball super fight. I do hope there is more with the following episodes (I don’t read the spoilers)

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