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Published October 10, 2016

From the parade to the location, to the panels Dragon Con has proven to be Atlanta’s best convention for geek culture. Dragon con has offered a wide spectrum of geek culture such as anime, comics, video games, and much more through their various panels and events. From other convention’s I’ve covered I would say Dragon Con has offered a wider and more popular string of guest to host and appear at panels that actually warrant a smile on your face as you listen to the topics being discussed opposed to cringing at how unrelatable everything is. Even if you aren’t into geeky things there is a panel or event for everyone.

This was my first year covering the event and the first day I will say it’s overwhelming. To my knowledge, the convention took place in 4 hotels which held parties, panels, and other events and in 2 other buildings that held the dealer’s room and video game arcades. Each day I would walk probably over 5 miles between each hotel for interviews, panels, and parties. The only thing that made it worth it each day was seeing all the amazing cosplays from the attendees. Where I found things to be over the top was the price gouging for food such as $24 for a pizza. Besides that, all was in order especially because I got to eat at some local ATL spots I’ve never tried. The location and scale may have been large but added a special touch to this con unlike any other. I got exercise and an excuse to visit hotels I’d probably never go to on the regular.

The best of Dragon Con to me was in fact, the panels especially the Legends of Tomorrow panel. The actors and fans had an amazing dialogue that at times was hilarious and gave great insight on behind the scenes of the show. Followed by that I would say the Funimation and anime voice actors panels were pretty entertaining. After a long hard day of work my fellow co-workers and I would enjoy the night at the Pulse lounge or attending one of the many parties. Sadly, one thing that needs to change is the horrible music choice a lot of DJ’s decided to play. For some reason, the musical theme of each party was EDM or dubstep that people with actual rhythm couldn’t dance to because there was a lack of rhythm or steady beat. I would encourage Dragon Con to encourage their future DJ’s to play music that people can actually enjoy and dance to. I’m pretty sure people are more willing to dance to rap music even with the cursing opposed to a dubstep remix of the Pokemon theme song. None the less I can’t wait to cover the event again next year.

We had a lot of coverage recorded however due to technical issues we had to scrap a lot of it. Check out our Dragon Con playlist below.

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