Dragon Ball FighterZ Runs Into Networking Issues During Open Beta

  • Haha you think? 😂 great game just wish I could actually get into a match

  • Edmund Gus Allen

  • Its a beta tho. WIt til the actual game to complain. dang its easy to offend people in todays world

    • It’s like they had a previous beta to have known this would have happened..hmmm

    • Nigga it’s a demo the game comes out in like 2 weeks

  • Whatever I’m happy with the 3 matches I got lol won 2 lost 1 but you know what? It’s something and the game is out soon anyway I can be patient for something worth it

    • Agreed, I played about 4 to 5 matches, won only 3

  • Christopher Bing

  • Could you imagine how many people were ready? I mean this was well advertised by itself and the gaming community

  • Well here’s their chance to fix it!!! Hopefully they do just that.

  • Main reason I’m not getting it until the servers are shown to be fixed