The Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster Grows With Nappa & Captain Ginyu

  • Lewis A. Thrower

  • Wen we gon get a black super saiyan

  • So we can get golden frieza ssb goku n vegeta
    But no goku black android 17 or beerus no super characters at all or movie characters….

    But we can get yamcha, nappa, apparently vegeta didn’t kill ginyu bad enough to show we don’t want him around anymore

    • Goku black and zamasu are rumored since they added the future west city ruined stage. But no promises, Iā€™m hoping though.

    • I don’t want rumors I want screen shots or leaks šŸ˜‚šŸ˜£

  • Bryce Brown it’s on

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal M I L K Y C A N N O N @BrandnEvans

  • Just waiting for Brolli and Videl

    • Captain Beefheart

      I’ll only accept Videl is Spopovich also gets in.

  • DeathNoLonger

    Boy wheres hit and beerus at!!!!

  • Long Gach Nyaw