Dota 2 Gets Reborn

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  1. proclaim_roland@yahoo.com' Roland Blue says:

    Looking forward to it, read through most of the updates and they are going to be more beginner friendly stressing the tutorials. If you didn’t know the Dota 2 community is terrible, i mean real bad, most of my irl friends don’t play the game because of it. Adding more community based features is going to help calm that down more I think and hope because there is nothing worst then a toxic player, if you can’t handle the trash talking in COD don’t go to Dota 2 you will cry.

    1. jws_lilmagicman@hotmail.co.uk' MasterJohn says:

      It’s not even that bad. People blow all of it out of proportion. The real problem is that people have to spend 40 minutes per game being shouted at if they’re having a bad day or if they’re just bad.

      1. proclaim_roland@yahoo.com' Roland Blue says:

        I rarely say anything, the occasional why or have you learned your lesson comes out. But friend on Skype hears all of it. No point in degrading someone makes things worse

    2. Afrika Ndlovu says:

      I trash talk on Dota i admit

      1. proclaim_roland@yahoo.com' Roland Blue says:

        Everyone does, but some people act like they never won a game before. “Welcome to the Underscape”

        1. Afrika Ndlovu says:

          yeah that’s so true

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