Doom 4 Gameplay Trailer

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  1. shotsfiredent@gmail.com' Tyrek Ashton says:

    when he smashed that dude face with his own foot I just bust out laughing

  2. ezioaltair0.3@gmail.com' Botchtastic . says:

    Never played a Doom game before. Might start here.

  3. romanguy234@gmail.com' Redrum says:

    Cant wait to turn the music off and slaughter demons to HEAVY METAL!!!

    1. seanjay993@gmail.com' casjwell says:


  4. seanjay993@gmail.com' casjwell says:

    Bethesda: So ya’ll niggas want some gameplay?

  5. vmay123@gmail.com' Victor May says:

    Looks fun, not $60 fun, but maybe catch it on a steam sale fun

  6. kiouseh@yahoo.com' Bosco Jenkins says:

    FUCK. YES. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and from what I’ve seen here, it won’t disappoint. Here’s to hoping for more complex enemies and more interesting scenery.

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