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Published July 19, 2015

E3 was full of companies that showed off their games and hardware that each showed how they will contribute to the future of gaming, however out of all the companies I encountered Bloody Gaming stood out the most to me. Bloody is more than just another gaming hardware company with cool looking products. From the hardware to software Bloody has an amazing arsenal of tools for your disposal. Bloody offers keyboards with the lowest input lag possible. They have implemented light strike technology into their keyboards, allowing gamers to only have a 0.2 millisecond response time. Using Bloody’s mouses feels so smooth as if you are gliding it on ice because of the metal x glides armor boots placed on the underside of the mouse.

On the software side Bloody offers one of the best macro and hotkey settings for their mouse products. Their software, Key response PK, is somewhat complex and isn’t easily picked up, however, once you get the hang of it gamers can program their mouses to do things from left clicking once and being able to shoot 5 times with a pistol, pressing a button on the mouse to do a 180 turn to be able to kill any opponent from behind you, or programing key response to automatically counteract recoil while pressing left click. It’s a very conceptual program that offers the user limitless possibilities some which may even walk a thin line of gaming morals. The use of Key response pk doesn’t stop at gaming. For those sneaker heads waiting for midnight or six am releases of shoes from online dealers can use the program to help refresh pages quicker so they can purchase shoes faster than your competition. Combine that with the 0.2 delay and you’re almost guaranteed to be able to get every shoe.

If you haven’t heard about Bloody it’s about time that you have. Check out our interview with them from E3 below and after you’re done check out their website here.

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