Donald Glover Joins “Spider-Man: Homecoming”!

  • Nigga needs to drop music

  • David Whitfield Jr.

    Breon Gaines

    • Breon Gaines


  • Aaron Nobles


  • Richard Paulino

    Miguel Martinez

  • Isaiah Joestar

    He’ll be a supporting character I bet.

  • Chris Osai

    Hopefully a miles morales cameo

  • Khalid Laws

    Been saying Donald for Spider-Man for years!

  • Mark Ndaba Mwarigha

    Yanwai Johnson

    • Yanwai Johnson

      about time

  • Trey Champion-Reyz Ramsay


    • Devo Roth

      I know started needing out earlier

    • Devo Roth

      Nerding *

  • Cameron Kennedy


  • Nathi Mogwera


  • Rahim Falconer

    Leonard Godoy

  • Brandon Chabo

    Miles morales!!!!! Ceb Isherwood Billy Jordan Jordan Linklater Josh Spendlove Harry Jordan

    • Ceb Isherwood


    • Ceb Isherwood

      So happy right now.

  • Jaylen Baylor

    Miles Morales is younger than Peter Parker and Donald Glover is clearly older so he’s probably not playing as Miles but we’ll see.

    • Julio Reategui

      Uncle Ben it is.

    • Jeff Tubbs

      But he looks young af…

    • kurojoss

      Shit, shave that man down and he looks young af

  • @MadChild__ @crisqkazoo31 @BrianZatch Miles Morales?

  • TiciTotyTony47

    I doubt he’s playing Miles Moraled sadly ? In this Peter is still 16 and Miles would be at least a little kid.

  • Matthew Dobson

    Belle Stoodley now we have childish gambino in spider man ? can’t get better

  • Haig Folvig

    Anthony Biddle hory shet

  • Haig Folvig

    Tim Corponi

  • Mimor Kamanda


  • Jakobie Samples

    Donald For Spider-Man

  • Zaj Miguel Vidal-Burgie

    Jake May

  • Greg Nunes

    Marco Diaz We’re gonna make spider man black now? Is that what we’re gonna do now? Just make Spiderman black??? Might as well have Michael Cera play Shaft!

    • Inorganicsmile

      All I could think of when reading this lol

    • Kris Sharma

      the spiderman isn’t black dude, hes just an actor on the list of many.

    • Eric Thai

      Kris Sharma it’s from Donald Glovers stand up

    • Andy-Samuel Facetious Voltaire

      Damn that pesky fake outrage. The newest spiderman is clearly white. Besides, Bino voices the black/Latino spiderman miles morales, anyway.

    • Keenan Love

      Lmaoo this nigga Greg went into full Caucasian outrage before he even read the article.

    • Tyree Nash

      No one ever realises it’s from Donald Glover’s stand up comedy special ?

      • Sir Sev

        Lmao thank you! I was trying to remember where that quote came from!

    • Marco Diaz

      i wish more people got the reference

  • Channing Jamerson

    Miles fukin morales!!

  • Hokage Ezio

    Oh wow, the writer modeled Miles Morales off of him? That means he’s literally perfect, he’s gotta be Spider-Man. I’d actually be pretty upset if they make him some supporting character for another Peter, but we’ll see.

  • Tzuar Buenos McSao Exton

    yeah but they’re white washing Gank from Miles Morales’s arc man. some fucking bullshit that these knuckle head bastards are twisting that mans storyline with Peter Parkers bitchmaid-assed story man. i get Miles stems after Parker dies. Ive read the comics but they are already fucking up. Gank is an fat Asian kid, not a skinny white kid. that right there will let you know some fucked shit is about to happen. I’m not even excited about this bitch nigga Parker anyway. too many Parker reboots. just get to the part where that nigga die already so we can see a better spiderman. but whatever man, we gon’ see

    • iLLestFigure@live

      Dayum… o.o tell em how you really feel

  • Elias Rivera

    I think he may play BEN URICH. Some may know of him in Daredevil. That’s the only time i could see him playing honestly.

  • NafaAnkh Kauba

    I would fan-fucking-tastic if D-Money played Miles but I don’t think he can really play the role seeing how much he’s aged since last time we wanted him to play Spiderman.

  • Ryan Jennings

    Cooper Blake Saige Uzelac the memes are coming true lmao