Dolphin Emulator 5 Is The Wave

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  • Francisco Castillo Paz

    Legette Benton

    • Legette Benton

      Lmao just posted this before and have been using it for 2 days now lol.

    • Francisco Castillo Paz

      U been playing Wii u games?

    • Legette Benton

      No just up so far wii and GameCube I never had a wii u.

  • Hershal Walton

    I’m downloading!

  • Richard Paulino

    Miguel Martinez

  • Naiko

    G.I, you cant play WiiU games with this, you need CEMU 1.5.2 for that

  • Ashton Robia

    CJ Hayward

    • CJ Hayward

      already have it boiii

  • André Luiz

    Eloi Aguiar Marcus Guilherme Lucas Nunes

    • Lucas Nunes


  • ZephySB

    I’m gonna get this, and not allegedly, for sure getting it!

  • Storm Cloudz

    Y’all can’t hit a nigga with a link?

  • I came lookin for booty

    bout to hop on this now

  • Nathanial Fipps

    Does it cost…?

    • Ryan Indie

      how old are u dd

    • Nathanial Fipps

      Why are you asking my age?

    • Dolphin User

      Dolphin is free.

  • Eduardo Hernandez

    Ozy Hernández

  • Daniel Lenart

    Ramone Lawrence

  • Ramone Lawrence

    Daniel Lenart amazing !!