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Published September 3, 2015

Remember that game that came out unfinished on the PC? It was hyped up for months, the screenshots looked amazing, the graphics looked amazing, and was supposed to melt your PC? Remember how NVidia backed this game by revealing extra graphics options to further promote this game? Remember when you received a free copy of this game when you bought a new 9 series graphics card? I don’t, because when this game released it was CLEARLY unfinished! The performance was terrible, no matter what type of set up you had, there were limited graphics options, and the DLC options left a very bad taste. WB games caught so much backlash from PC gamers on steam, that they suspended sales until they patched (finished) the game!

Fast forward to September, where the AAA gaming drought is over, and no one really cares about Batman Arkham knight because there are other games to play. According to our sources, WB has released a patch for users who have opted in to the Batman Arkham Knight beta program. So far, users have reported that the game actually works! There are full graphics options, there are little to no frame drops, and there is even a counter to show how much vRAM is being used. The patch should finally release to the general public within the next few weeks. Stay tuned if you decided to wait on this game.

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