Do Gaming “Journalist” Even Game?

  • Not like they use too… Not even fucking close it seems

  • Nope

  • You may have loved or hated adam sessler but at least he played the damn game before he gave his review.

  • I like how y’all pointed out igns evolve review that same dude did the review for metal gear solid 5 and gave it a 10 gtfo smh of course they flew him out and gave him an experience we gamers don’t get the pleasure of having so he definitely had a placebo affect.

  • Doritos Pope has played even the soles of Kojima’s flip flops you can’t put that dude as an example of a non-gamer.

  • Some do and some don’t, several media like IGN just hire pretty girls to appear diverse when in fact they’re just using women to attract horny nerds.

  • Creeper

    A lot of them don’t, like they’re casual in a sense that even though they’re jobs are based around video games they themselves aren’t that much into the culture. And its because of this weird combination that leads to things like IGN giving a Pokemon a negative point in it’s review for “Too Much Water” rather than finding a actual flaw or another one of their journalist calling Roxas a irrelevant character when he’s a pillar in the Kingdom Hearts story.

  • Man, you remember the Polygon gameplay? That should be prof enough that journalist don’t even try.

  • Dexter

    I’ve never seen a picture where Geoff doesn’t look high

  • Gus StGermain

    This is a real question