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Published March 9, 2017

If you are still currently playing The Division, Ubisoft announced on their blog post that they will be giving away Free Content For Year 2. It’s said to be a range from XP bonuses and credits and later followed by “two separate expansions planned for release this year”.

Some may say that free stuff is free stuff and that’s a good thing BUT it can also be said that they’ve done this about 6 months too late.

It appears that The Division has taken the Destiny approach by using a second year expansion and actually expand the game, which could ultimately bring new players towards the game the same way Rainbow Six Siege has.

Even with the new content, it doesn’t appear that it will bring players that purchased the game on day one (myself included) back to the game or maybe even some that was always skeptical about buying it but heard so many horror stories about the game.

The reaction from current as well as former fans of the game appear to be more negative that positive, while many of them have similar complaints about The Division, some have chosen to stick with it and continue to support the product. Some of the more notable complaints about the game has been enemies being bullet sponges, repetitive daily missions, lack of dark zone depth and the RNG rewards just to name a few.

For those of you who decided to stay loyal and still play the game, I truly hope that this expansion, XP bonuses and credits are actually worth it and will make the gaming experience value added but for those of us that gave up on the game, we will continue to treat The Division the same way we did with game like Destiny and Watch Dogs and just wait to see if the sequel is better than the original.



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