Disney Is Leaving Netflix

  • Well fuck you Disney

  • I’m glad. This is why Netflix is $20 million in debt. Maybe if they had newer movies instead of Netflix originals so many people wouldn’t unsubscribe. I got Netflix when they had a deal with epix so all the movies like hunger games and James Bond were there. They never resigned with epix so instead they opted for Netflix originals and Adam Sandler movies. How is that going for them

    • LegendofSquanto

      You’re right on them breaking their Epix deal was a bad call but I like their incentive on making Netflix originals. Even if there are a handful of good ones and a skew of bad ones. The Sandler movies are actually keeping their ship afloat with every new release surprisingly.

  • Schaell Nuñez-Rodriguez

  • Jr ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I’m late to this but I mean if all these companies solely want to have their own it better be cheap because I mean if warner bros , nick , Cartoon Network , Disney and more get that idea of having their own paid services to stream that’s a clutter