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Published August 15, 2017

Oscar worthy actor Slim Jesus aka Dewy from Malcolm In The Middle disappeared for a bit. Nobody is one hundred percent sure why, but I’m sure it has something to do with him being pressed every venue he performed at after admitting to being a fraud on VladTV.

That doesn’t mean his imaginary fans aren’t thirsting for more of his watered down culture approachingĀ content. That’s why the albino rapper finally crawled out of his Fallout vault he was hiding in with Sean Murray to feed the streets his new remix of Tay-K’s The Race.

On this record, Slim Jesus reminds us that he would shoot us in the face for two minutes and five seconds if he were really about that action. The most interesting part of this song is he seems to reignite his lackluster beef with Chicago drill rapper Lil Mouse. And I quote

“He a mouse he be speaking to police (you a bitch!) / When we catch him we gone put him on TV (boom boom!) / Fuck what he saying he only savage on a beat (fucking phony) / Big ass 40 shells knock him off his feet (boom boom boom!)”

At some point, this kid will realize we’re laughing at him, not with him. Until then I will continue to enjoy him being the Hip-Hop pinata. Not familiar with that term? A Hip-Hop pinata is someone who gets swung on at every event they attend. You’re welcome.


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