Digimon Reboot Gets New Trailer

  • Childish Corbino

    Im actually slightly interested, watched digimon when i was younger and i liked it wouldnt be a bad show to watch for filler in other seasons of shows i watch at the least

  • Quack

    Man you guys did a terrible job at researching for this. The guy in the green and white striped shirt, the brown kid in the middle and the guy in the blue long sleeve shirt are from Summer Wars which has nothing to do with Digimon. Just stick to gaming.

    • Vernich13

      Lmao i thought the summer wars characters were gonna get sucked into the digiworld

      • James Carson

        I thought that as well…that would have been pretty cool in my book

    • Comic Cyclops

      for real, I’m over here thinkin well I recognize Tai, Matt, and Izzy, but who the fuck are those other kids?


      lol ikr

  • XtremePyroSonic

    its not a reboot, its a continuation of the series

    • Ra’Kim Jamal Hayes

      I was just about to say that.

  • Midas Widu

    Now we need a GoRobot reboot.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    I’m a grown ass man looking forward to this. Hoping it gets a dubbed release #dontjudgeme

    • The Supreme Emperor of Evil

      I’m with you.

    • Bk Moe

      I prefer the sub, the original voice

  • The Supreme Emperor of Evil

    I want this to take a dark and gory turn.

  • Iori Uchiha

    So there won’t be a black guy in digimon? :'(

  • John

    Aren’t two of those background characters from a movie called ‘Summer Wars’?
    King Kazma and LoveMachine.

  • Ross Sinclair

    “it’s in Japanese so you probably wont understand it” …two seconds in and there was subtitles provided. watch the videos you upload and do your research accordingly. as a few people have stated already.