Why Didn’t Terry Crews Get The Doomfist Role!?

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  1.' Robert Johnson says:

    Just give him a pose of him holding some old spice but its something else

    1.' Marques Terrell Harris says:

      Just make Terry Crews a character. Like, it’s literally him

      1.' Robert Johnson says:

        He can the next tank

  2. BeanSauce says:

    It’s cool. I’m not mad. Besides, they’d have to make Doom fist a Cole Train character which didn’t fit with that real nigga from Nigeria who is a boss of Talon.

  3.' Mr.3vilboss says:

    Sahr sounds more like mufasa and terry sounds like scar. I agree with their decision

  4.' LegendofSquanto says:

    Because game fanboys just wanted Terry Crews cause memes without even knowing who or what the character Doomfist really is.

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