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Published July 26, 2017

Blizzard was at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend and had a huge presence with the fans. People were already dressed up as Doomfist and other very popular characters from the Overwatch series. The developers had a panel discussing how Doomfist was created, but everyone wanted to know why Terry Crews did not get the role of the most anticipated hero?

Many fans yelled out his name, but he didn’t actually get talked about in the panel. Gamespot had a follow up conversation going more in depth as to why Terry Crews didn’t land the role.

“We love Terry. Terry’s awesome. He came and visited us. We had a great time. But when we were looking for Doomfist, we were looking for something very specific given his role in the game and everything. When we were early in the audition process, we heard Sahr, who’s the actor who plays Doomfist, and he just blew us away immediately. Once we heard his voice, it was like, ‘Holy crap. That’s Doomfist” Michael Chu, senior designer explained.

So it looks like no matter how big you are in the industry, there still might be someone else who fits the role better than you. I hope that Blizzard can still find a way to implement Terry Crews in the game somehow.

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