Did This Poet Ether Kanye?!

  • Liquidnegro

    This lady went in on Yeesus and used his own lyrics to do it! Now that’s talent.

    • MrDatsouthkid

      Hell yea at first I was thinking nah he can’t be bodied by no poet but damn she went in and used his lyrics to do it

  • DAMN !!!!!!

  • Shadow Cat

    Goddamn at least J. Cole was nice about his disappointment. But hey, coming from a huge Kanye fan, she spit facts. 😂

  • Blackskingod

    She was speaking 100% truth and I guess all our heroes got to fall down at some point

  • Mr Negative Nancy

    People been wanting to say it. Just didn’t know how to say this

  • KelSoDope

    Nah this was cringey as sh*t. If you’re really this upset cause someone isn’t living THEIR life the way YOU want them to, you got bigger issues.

    • Blackskingod

      What are you talking about? she is coming at kanye’s morals,and integrity which he has been lacking and he’s been going full coon.damn niggas these days hate when assholes get called out

  • Deionte Crowley

    All I can say is Well Done Miss Poetic, Well Done


    Damn!!! 🔥👏🏽