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Published November 1, 2016

So I was searching around the net when I came across a post on Reddit that was catching some clout. User Tripleh280 made a post proclaiming he saw someone on the train working on a presentation titled “Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.”

In the image, you can see the person prepping a power point presentation with the title Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. One would assume that he was on his was to Square Enix offices to pitch a new game or the game could already be in the works, and it was just a design doc with new ideas to share with the team.

That’s the problem with these rumors; we don’t know! What we do know is it’s just a rumor, and it’s catching some clout. We’ll see how this all plays out. What Y’all think? Did the new Tomb Raider just leak or is the internet trolling again?

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