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Published December 17, 2018

While I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy Battlefield 5, a lot of people have not been enjoying the game so much after the latest patch which changed the Time To Kill (or TTK). Every game that I’ve played from Thursday until now, people have been literally spamming their hatred in the game chat. Well DICE has heard you and will be making more changes soon.

Originally DICE wanted to alter the TTK to make it take more bullets to kill someone and make it appeal more to the casual gamers who might be picking up BFV this holiday season. Personally, I didn’t see a huge issue with the TTK even after they made changes last week, but I don’t see why DICE wanted to appeal to an audience that doesn’t just pick up and play your game. While DICE did add a Conquest Core mode which still had the old TTK, players were still very upset and wanted the TTK reverted across the board.

DICE will be adding a Core mode to EVERY playlist going forward, for those hardcore fans who would like the old TTK back. Hopefully, this slows down all of the complaining, but I fear this might further divide the community, especially for the casual fans who don’t know the difference between the game modes. I applaud DICE for listening to their community and making changes, but I hope they also realize that the casual audience isn’t the one putting money in your pocket. It’s the hardcore fans who come back title after title who are keeping your game relevant.

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