DICE Is Feeling The Pressure And Delayed Battlefield V

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  1.' SuperChef says:

    They had no choice but to push the game back, they didnt want the same thing that happened to Titanfall 2 to happen to their even bigger franchise. I still wont buy the game tho, but smart decision on their end.

  2. Hopefully they delayed it enough to add in a pacific war part of the game

    1. Really though, nobody’s touched the Pacific Theater since World at War

    2. John Viacrucis Fah real man there’s so much good stuff there

  3. Bruh why is this picture of jg so perfect for this post haha.

  4. BF3 version 4 now with more mirrors and direct x crashes. Special features include an old nodded game engine that’s been hacked for 5 years before release and DLC’s that add 4 maps of the same models and textures that’s been randomized to look special.

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