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Published April 20, 2018

A couple weeks ago G Herbo spat a remix over a classic Three 6 Mafia instrumental and every since then the rap community has acted like they’ve never heard “Run It” before. Every rapper and their momma has dropped a remix since. 600 Breezy dropped one from Prison. The latest to throw their Run It remix in the arena is Dewy from MalcolmĀ In The Middle.

Dewy has been quiet since the release of his 2015 single Drill Time, but now he’s back in full force to remind us he’s the hardest out of Frank Block Ohio. This video is riddled with enough weapons to stop a zombie apocalypse and a shiny new Henny bottle. Expect to hear exceptional bars such as

“Remember when they hated on me? / I knew all I needed was cheese / ran it up and I blew it on jeans!”

“In the trap with a whole lotta P’s / smoking dope til I turn Vietnamese!”

“I remember being irrelevant / now I get bands for all of my feats / remember Taurus / but now we got AR’s that’s chopping down trees!”

A1 content people…


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