Deus Ex Placed on Hiatus?!?!

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  1. Jonathan Burgos says:


    I love this series and to hear this truly sucks, but there’s got to be more to it because Eidos Montreal is also doing the new Marvel infinity war game so it could just be because of that and not the new Tomb Raider.

    Plus Eidos should know this is a very niche game. This was simply NOT their fault! I mean they advertised the hell out of this game and also released it on August when there wasn’t much going on there. The blame goes to the casual gamers who won’t pick up real games.

    1.' Hudson Coutts says:

      The truth has been spoken

  2.' legendaryweeabo says:

    fuck square enix its their fault people felt the game was rushed and cut in half to be sold as dlc not to mention mirco transactions in a single player game

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