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Published July 31, 2015

The upcoming shooter from DICE Star Wars Battlefront will have several game modes that support 20 vs. 20 player combat. A new mode called Blast will be an alternative multiplayer team deathmatch mode that has a team of ten Rebels go up against a team of ten Imperial soldiers.

To win, one team needs to reach 100 kills or be leading by the end of the ten-minute game session.

With only ten players on each side, the maps will surely be smaller, and DICE says that instead of scaling down the maps in the game so that they are smaller for Blast, there will be new maps designed for the game mode that promote close-quarters encounters. Lead Levels Designer Dennis Brännvall described the maps and Blast battles like this: “One battle you’ll be fighting within interior levels on Endor or Sullust. In the next battle, you might find yourselves among Tatooine’s dusty canyons, or inside the undeniably cool Ice Caves on Hoth. My favorite is the verticality of Tatooine, fighting by the Sandcrawler.”

There will be weapons pickups scattered about the maps, such as a droid that scans for nearby enemies or an automated turret.

Star Wars Battlefront drops November 17, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Stayed tuned to for more information on Star Wars Battlefront.


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