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Published September 4, 2015

Bungie has caught a lot of heat since the announcement of their $40 dollar DLC expansion called the Taken King. A lot of gamers have finally woke up to this games terrible business practices, but that’s another conversation for another day. I’m not sure it was the back lash that inspired this move, but does it really matter? Free is free right?

Destiny’s Taken King DLC will be available for free to all Destiny players one week before its official launch. You’ll be able to test out the new multiplayer content and form you own opinion. I find this to be hilarious because only being able to test out the multiplayer content implies that there’s some story driven content here. We all know Destiny doesn’t have a story. You have to read the cards on the website. Duh!

The preview will run fromĀ 9/8/2015 to 9/14/2015

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