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Published December 8, 2015

Please listen to the evil music above while reading the article below.


As time has passed, I feel like the Destiny community has created a monster that’s begun to get out of control. Mindlessly purchasing all this over priced content has created a trend in gaming that isn’t beneficial for anyone. The Taken King forced players into buying the game over again just to continue playing. Then it was the $10 dancing emotes and now this. Microtransaction-based events. According to our source, Bungie’s senior designer is on record saying to Eurogamer.

“The studio is moving to a more event-based model rather than releasing larger story-based expansions that people have to pay for. Rather than doing these giant, monolithic DLC packs, this way everybody who’s an owner of Taken King can enjoy these things.”

When he was asked about the change in the business model he replied

“I don’t know how deep I can get into that. But basically the live team is charged with maintaining the game and keeping players happy, feeding them new content and surprising them with things they didn’t expect.”

To sum things up, Bungie doesn’t want to do another $40 expansion like The Taken King. Instead, they’ll just charge you for every little thing they create. Sounds fun, right? I’m willing to bet they’ll hide this behind some free content too. They’ll put out some free DLC, then follow it up by nickel and diming you for every little thing. Now let me see someone defend this shit.

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