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Published June 24, 2015

I hope Destiny fans really like Red Bull Energy Drinks, because Activision just announced a deal to give player experience points with each drink purchase. On top of that, if you purchase the newest expansion – The Taken King – you can only unlock a quest by purchasing a can of Red Bull.

This has caused a major uproar by the Destiny community. Having extra experience locked behind fizzy drinks has become a common marketing ploy for games like Call of Duty, and Halo. Yet, Destiny is also locking away a piece of content from a paid expansion behind drink purchases. Destiny players are feeling that this is an insult to their loyalty to the game. If you don’t buy any Red Bull, you’ll have to wait for that quest to unlock January of next year.

To make matters worse, an interview by Destiny’s lead Designer – Luke Smith – posted on Eurogamer yesterday has left many upset at the direction Destiny’s DLC plans are taking. During the interview, Luke Smith was on the full defensive. Trying to explain to Eurogamer why the new DLC is $40, and you still don’t get all the extras unless you purchase a $80 collector’s edition version that includes all the past content. Which, if you already own the game – means you are paying more than the cost of the original title to get the entire experience from the upcoming DLC. Let’s just say, the interview was not a friendly chat. Since the Eurogamer interviewer just kept pushing for a direct explanation. If you want to read the full interview, I put a link below.

Eurogamer Interview

Red Bull

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