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Published February 10, 2017

Destiny 2 is coming sooner than later. Fall 2017 according to our snitch. The news broke during Activision’s 4th quarter earnings call. That’s the same call in which they claimed Call of Duty would return to its roots in 2017.

“During a conference call Q&A, Activision said that they’re planning a big reveal that will “let the game do the talking,” and that it will have a “great cinematic story” and “great cast of memorable characters,” and is being made to be more accessible to casual players without removing the stuff core players enjoy.”

What isn’t for sure is if a PC version will be released. That rumor has been bubbling for some time, but until Bungie or Activision confirms it, it will remain a rumor. My primary concern with this sequel is character development, four player co-op, balanced online PVP & mission variety. If they address those issues, then I’m on board. I’d hate to see them drop vanilla Destiny 2 and they game doesn’t become good until it gets its own version of the Taken King.

I’m not paying twice for an experience. So let us pray they get it right the first time!

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