Destiny 2 Is Due Out Fall 2017

  • Gus StGermain

    This is to soon.

    • Jimmy Johnson

      Didn’t destiny come out in 2014 fam?

  • Bruce Hairston

  • Aww shit it’s going down

  • KiiDd Suavee

  • Basedgold

    But what about the 10 year plan? lol

    • Hudson Coutts

      Someperson in bungie said that was a missundersatanding

  • Roland Ybarra Jr. John Caballero Ryan Ybarra

  • Still not going to play it. Wouldn’t touch that piece of shit game with a 10 foot stick

  • Mr.3vilboss

    I bet they will flop. Ill watch the gi video later though.

  • Deionte Crowley

    I tried to tell a few Destiny players that this game is coming out way too early.The main story is not even finish, gam/pvp loot system still unbalance and they don’t know how to balance out their dlc content. Bungie either needs to go back to Halo or find a new idea to make this game better because the Destiny community is no help.Bad part about it, I like this game and I know what it can do’s too much.

  • Can’t wait for a $40 DLC pricetag again

  • Well it looks like Bungie will waste $500 million dollars again for a game nobody will play.

    • But tons of people do

    • Give me a break, Destiny is overrated.

    • There are two kinds of people. Those that slay destiny for being shit and having not played it (or played vanilla in its sorry state), and those millions who played it and stuck with it and love it to bits.

    • ^ You have a valid point.

    • Faysal Mekhid so because a game got patched its all good right? even tough they make you pay expansions for the better experience? yeah those people probably love battlefront also with its uncompleted bullshit.

    • ^ Preach it, man!

  • legendaryweeabo

    lets see if they can even make a good vanilla game without a fuckton of dlc and microtansactions

  • I will pick it up. I had a friend buy it for me, so I aint pay for shit.

  • Oh god

  • Tavon Banks

  • Spencer Hamilton Black N White

  • Lmao let’s wait for the $10 dance emote again

  • Juan Olguin YOO I CAN’T WAIT


  • Issiah

    Game so expensive it drove Youtuber Ms5000 watts to suck on some Destiny dev cock for free DLC😂😂 na but i cant drop 40 a month everytime they decide to release more Game content ✌

  • *Birdman Hand Rub*

  • Kaelan