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Published April 16, 2018

Fortnite is dominating both the hearts of gamers & the press. Many claim PUBG has died because of it. I’d disagree because if you check the Steam charts & Twitch PUBG is still going strong. Fortnite is usually the number one streamed game & PUBG is number two. If anything I’d argue PUBG has plateaued. It needs something new to refresh the formula + better optimization.

What PUBG doesn’t need is any bad press. Sadly that’s what they’re getting and this time it’s not even their fault. It’s no secret that cheaters from China run rampant in PUBG. It’s something Bluehole has been trying to get under control. So imagine being a developer of PUBG & waking up to find out that computer manufacturer DELL is using your game to sell their new line of gaming PC’s in the worst type of way.

According to our snitch, during an Intel event in China DELL employees attempted to sell their gaming PC’s by claiming that they were great at running PUBG plugins. Plugins are just code for hacks. Wallhacks, speed hacks, aimbots; you name it! The exact quote salesmen were caught using is “run more plugins to win more at Chicken Dinner!” Since the news broke some DELL higher-ups have tried to do some damage control.

“In an attempt to communicate the power of the new Dell G Series, inappropriate modification examples were used in Dell’s product launch event in China last week. This does not reflect our global gaming culture or strategy. We condemn any modifications misused in gaming.”

So it sounds like it could have just been some bad seeds in the bunch. Then again who’s to say DELL bosses weren’t the ones pushes this sales pitch on to their salesmen? Nobody really knows. Either way, I’d be pissed if I worked a Bluehole.

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