Dear Gamers: Stop Giving in to Greedy Developers and Publishers

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  • slayer0713

    ┬ábreak it down into two categories. There is DLC and there is Expansions. DLC is more along the lines with character skins, weapon skins, map packs, etc. Expansions are lofty story add ons like Shivering Isles or GTA4’s The Lost and Damned. Story expansions that were filled with hours upon hours of new story and gameplay. Almost new games on to their own. This is generally where my money goes when it comes to “DLC” Not all DLC is bad. I like that some of my favorite games can be continued and expanded upon. I’m hoping for a Bloodborne addon! And for those competitive multiplayer junkies i’m sure they love getting new map packs and skins etc. Doesn’t mean its for me, but I get it. Remember, its the gamers who have been demanding games get supported well after release. Its changed alot in the industry. Some in good ways, others not so good. Pick your battles, but its not all bad.