Deadpool vs Baraka-Pool Death Match!

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  • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

    I swear I’m the only nigga that liked X-Men Origins: Wolverine, despite what they did with Weapon X
    Anyways, when are they going to put Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho in any of these damn death matches / death battles

    • Malaiko

      I think you are bro, cause that movie was garbage lol But we all have that 1 movie that sucks but we end up liking. I like Charlie’s Angels 2, so I cant judge lol & hell yeah now that’s a fight I want to see!

  • Randell Roberts

    deadpool is the realest mercenary in the game!

    • Malaiko

      Fuck yeah!

  • MF DecepticonSwag

    World star! World star! Lol great article Malaiko. I like how deadpool eyes opened and closed on his mask.

    • Malaiko

      Lol thanks bro! I really liked that also, they should do that in the live action film next year too, it would look dope!