Deadpool Film Banned in China

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  1.' Brandon White says:

    They sure didn’t have a problem selling me my Deadpool mask and suit tho. 😉

  2.' Nickolas Jelen Dupree says:


  3.' Klent Foster says:

    Can’t wait to see the Chinese rip-off of Deadpool, hopefully it’ll have Jack Black and Mos Def in it.

  4.' Josh Kashiwazaki says:

    Hell yeah

  5.' SaviorOfTheWorld says:

    Don’t you just hate censorship. So because some prudish, tight-ass, overly sensitive people in china think a movie is too violent, they ban you, a person whom they’ve never met before, from watching the film.

    1.' casjwell says:

      Different politics plus as a viewer you can’t be too mad because we get to watch it in the US but I hope this movie makes enough revenue to get a second film.

      1.' SaviorOfTheWorld says:

        I just hate the idea of people controlling what I can or can’t experience in the world because of their own moral values.

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