DC’s Live Action ‘Titans’ Series Cancelled By TNT

  • John Taylor

    It was probably gonna be terrible anyways

  • Reunald Jones IV

    Just send it to CW like every other DC live show, lol.

  • just send it to CW like every other live action show, they’ll feel right at home.

  • John Tosado

    Andy and Nightwing shirt like this would be dope

  • Guillermo Corona

    Fucken tnt for getting our hopes up. If you won’t CW will

  • Ikeem Anderson


  • Jermaine Wilson

    DC is hit or miss. They really fucked shit up with Super Girl. But Arrow and Flash go’s hard….. And CW bout to drop Legends of Tomorrow on y’all ass.

    • Austen Tromp

      Supergirl could have been so much better man, really disappointing, though i had no expectations.

  • Suck The Duck #Jumpman

    It’s gonna be on CW. I lowkey think everything on CW is trash but that’s just my opinion. I forgot that this was even a thing, now I kinda want to see it…

  • casjwell

    Good now get back to Young Justice