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Published March 7, 2016

These days I’m too into Kickstarter projects. I’ve invested in H-Hour, Mighty No.9 and few other games. I’ve been burned one too many times. That being said I’ll still show love and support for projects that need help in another way. Through this site. The latest Kickstarter to catch some buzz is for a game called Days Of War.

It’s a WWII FPS that wants to bring that old thing back. Realistic gunplay and destruction. They wish to create a fun and balanced shooter the community can enjoy. They’re also pushing for mod support from the community. Their Kickstarter page states this as this mission

“Our goal for Days of War is to deliver cutting edge graphics with fast paced competitive gameplay. We aim to strike a balance between the authentic weight and feel of the weapons of WW2 but with the lightness and quick response time of a competitive shooter. ¬†However, an online game is only as good as its community.

The games that succeed listen to their community but the games that thrive empower their players to shape game development. That doesn’t mean just trying to reach consensus on a message board, it means giving players the tools to create and improve the game, and letting the best ideas and creations rise to the top.”

My only concern with this game is what separates it from Batallion 1944? That game is doing everything this game is + it’s also running on Unreal Engine 4 like this game. Feels like this games reveal is at a terrible time. If you still want to support it, then feel free to check out their sales pitch below. Click here to donate to their Kickstarter.

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