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Published January 26, 2016

Burnout creators Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry have introduced Dangerous Golf, their first game since leaving Criterion and forming independent studio Three Fields Entertainment.

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Due for release digitally on PS4, Xbox One and PC this May, Dangerous Golf is all about destruction. Alex and Fiona described the game as a non standard golf game. “There’s a golf ball and a flag and that’s about as far as it goes. I guess the advantage there is that you kinda know you’ve got to bang the ball in the hole. But you don’t play for par, you don’t try and not take a risk. You play for score. So smash the joint up, bang it in with a big trick shot and beat your friends.” – Alex Ward

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Four indoor and outdoor locations will be included at launch, including a medieval castle, a hotel kitchen, a palace ballroom, and a petrol station that you can blow up.

I’m excited to play this being a fan of the Burnout series because I know it will be fun. This could be a surprise hit of 2016 like Rocket League was last year

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