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Published November 29, 2018

Big news for all the anime watchers out there! Crunchyroll and Adult Swim announced that they will be releasing a Blade Runner anime series. The series creative producer is Shinichiro Watanabe, The director of Cowboy Bebop and also directed an anime short called Blade Runner Blackout back in 2017.

The director of the series will be Kenji Kamirama who had worked on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and is also directing the upcoming Ghost in the Shell reboot. This Blade Runner anime series seems to be in very good hands and it the blade runner universe is a perfect match for an anime.

According to this source, The series title will be called Blade Runner: Black Lotus and will have 13 episodes which you can also catch on Toonami or Crunchyroll! The story will take place about 13 years after the first Blade Runner film, We do not know if the anime will include some of the films original characters because it will focus on a different storyline in the universe.

Now this anime sounds perfect for me because I love Sci-Fi and anime plus the people who have created some of the Ghost in the Shell anime series will be working on this project just seems like the perfect fit. The cherry on top of this news is that Crunchyroll and Adult Swim is working together to push out this anime series which is also great news. I want to know what are your guy’s thoughts on this news about Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime series?

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