Crackdown 3 Gets Delayed… AGAIN

  • Gotta make the game perfect, right?

  • So we still acting surprised about this?

  • Come on man….

  • Just kill it

  • Just don’t let this be another Scalebound. I’m still hurt by that decision.

  • They played Agents Of Mayhem and went uh oh are game sucks!

  • Who needs crackdown when you got agents of mayhem? its dope af

  • Devin

    Xbox One X or Wii U 2?

  • Robert Johnson

    I have never played any crackdown game so I don’t mind waiting for this one

  • Man this game never coming out

  • i prefer this than having an unfinished and bugged product

  • Im never complaining about delays ever again unless it gets delayed n still fucked up come on people games have been getting Released broke as shit because they didn’t delay for every platform these days…