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Published January 27, 2016

As Apple rumors continue to pour in at the beginning of the year. It seems that footage has surfaced of what looks like Apple’s 4inch iPhone 6s or 6. After Apple made a statement about making the phone bigger with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus  & iPhone 6S Plus, it seems that people still want to keep a phone that isn’t considered a phablet! In the below footage you will see a gold iPhone that looks 4 inches. The video has caused quite a stir in the comment section and with over 1,000 dislikes it doesn’t seem likely that this phone is real.

But I have a feeling that this phone might be true, especially since almost %100 of the time when iPhone footage or pictures are “leaked”, they are usually legitimate. If true, then once again I will say that Apple needs to get a tighter grip on security. Every year there is always leaked footage or video of the new phone or an upcoming project and it is usually right. The phone is expected to have the same specifications of the iPhone 6. Do you think that this is the real deal or someone who got a knock off from overseas? Let us know in the comment section below.


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