Are Conor McGregor Fans Delusional?

  • They’re 100% delusional

  • Hell yeah!!!

  • Yup

  • No, but his haters sure are!

  • The fanBOYS are delusional. They were convinced that all it took was one punch but were desperately latching on to that 111 rabbit punches and taps to moneys gloves statistic like its an impressive feat to hit a non moving target. The haters arent far behind though, insisting that Conor won no rounds despite plenty of boxers and fighters claiming the opposite, and are so desperate to see Conor lose they forget he lost to a goat; hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up claiming to be Floyd fans just because.
    In the end though, both are casuals to combat sports; both are delusional so who cares?

  • Wrong they are heavy drinkers

  • ppl forgetting this man is 40 and Conner is in his prime and he still had better condition then him. any other young boxer Conner gone 1st 2nd round.

  • White hype has some startling effects. Delusion is just one.

  • Isn’t this a gaming page?

  • Delusional Very delusional!

  • As delusional as ” Trump would make an excellent president”.

  • But what if he lands that left?