Code Vein is Anime Dark Souls

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  1. aleman.frank@ymail.com' Artorias says:

    I need something soulslike to fill this void I’ve had ever since I played DS3 and the others to death.

    1. nindo0004@gmail.com' FuutonNinja says:

      Have you played Nioh?

  2. SoTAsu SoTAsu says:

    @Dylanthedesignr nevermind LOL

  3. rayhoo101@yahoo.com' Connor Brohamski says:

    yo xbox did they thing with all these new games, they look dope, especially this one

  4. gamerskittles@yahoo.com' LowKey_Afro says:

    Why does this look like Tokyo ghoul meets dark souls

  5. melow200@gmail.com' ItsLeviathan says:

    Fairly excited about this one! Hope it comes out solid.

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