Chris Hansen Allegedly Caught The Predatory Oculus Rift Executive?!

  • bloohot479

    Not even 2017 yet, and another major L

  • Lmfao. They boy thought he was gonna be Captain Save-a-hoe? L

    • Shawn Sanders

      Lmao dead AF 😂

  • thaelectricfeel

    Seriously? Dude can’t just go buy a flesh light and jack off?!

  • Issiah

    🕵Nigga wanted to cause a RIFT in some lil girl pants😂😂…..ill show myself out now✌

    • Shawn Sanders

      Yes because that was a corny ass joke

  • Gus StGermain

    people have major issues

  • how u gonna arrest the guy when she was 19 thats legal