Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy Fight Reenacted

  • brown boy

  • J(muthafuckn)dollar$ign

    Lol this some headass shit

  • Who’s who???

  • The Depraved

    Damn shame these GI fans weebs. Should be way more comments on this video

  • I assume soulja has all level 0 fighting moves 😂😂😂

  • Liquidnegro

    That sound effect was gold tho

  • steelers

    Imma be honest soujer got this shit in the bag

  • TiciTotyTony47

    I’m dead af 😂😂😂😂 i actually want this fight to happen just for entertainment.

  • TiciTotyTony47

    And why does Soulja look like Rajon Rondo

  • thaelectricfeel

    Swear I watched this like it was the real fight😂 seeing Chris tower over Soulja just makes it even clearer that Bhris Breezy finna fade him.