Children of Ether Properly Represents People of Color In Anime

  • This shit was great! I hope they do more.

  • Kae Marx

  • Liquidnegro

    I’m actually close to crying right now. This just made my entire day.

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker


  • Quince matthew

    Instant watch 🔥

  • Anime done right


    *Adds to list of shows I need to watch ASAP*

  • Making me want to buy Crunchyroll again. 😑

  • I saw the Magnus Bride in the theaters and they showed this BOOYYYYY it was good

  • BiG CAM

    I would love to see Blaster Knuckle get animated

  • Awesomkia

    Wow I have to get into this series now.