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Published May 1, 2015

Fresh off of our first full color look at Batman’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice costume, we now have photos taken from the Suicide Squad set showing of Will Smith’s Deadshot costume. Have a look:

[Update]: The man in the black armor and mask was actually just a fan in cosplay trying to make his way on set, NOT an actual actor in the film.

Interestingly, Will Smith isn’t wearing an eye piece, or any sort of green screen over his right eye. This leads me to believe that these photos are from early in the film and that sometime during it, he will somehow acquire a cybernetic eye-type of thing.

Also spotted on set was this black blob:



CD3A-UXXIAAAUwFBatfleck? Possibly! He has been rumored to appear in the Suicide Squad film.

What do you think of all these photos? Do you like Will Smith’s costume? Leave a comment below!


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