Cast of Suicide Squad Debuts Their Costumes

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  • Bad J

    Will Smith ears too damn bid for that bald head.

    • Malaiko


  • Botchtastic .

    The only one that I don’t like is Killer Croc. Also, looking at harley quinn now I see how that joker we got to see would work.

    • Malaiko

      Killer Croc looks awful. Hopefully they’ll add a little something with CGI to make him look more menacing.


    Will Smith over here lookin like uncommon

    • MichaelPayneV

      I see what you did there

  • WhyDidMyMomNameMeThis

    I feel like Harley Quinn’s trying too hard to be Harley Quinn. Other than that, looks dope.

    • Malaiko

      Personally I think they should have gone with the Arkham series look for her.

  • sgt-jk

    Will Smith looking like Demetrious Johnson with his bald head

  • Fbreezy

    That Deadshot costume looks cool. Only problem is that the red dot thing is on the left eye. Not the right.
    Also, what the fuck is this Killer Croc? I hope they fix that. But all in all, looks good so far.

    • Vardo

      Its on the left eye. Its like a mirror.